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Ooh, La La: Google Street View Catches Couple Going at It in a Dressing Room

Sure why not.
(Photo: Google Maps)

(Photo: Google Maps)

When not capturing guns being pointed at it or going on death-defying treks of the Grand Canyon, the Google street view team occasionally snaps things that are slightly sexier. On a foray into a French extreme sports store called Krakatoa, for example, they caught a couple with their pants down–literally.

The store, located in the town of Briançon in southeastern France, looks like your average Pac Sun. And really, who among us that was once 14 in the sterile suburbs hasn’t wanted to make out in a Pac Sun dressing room?

The street view cameras caught the lovebirds behind a dressing room curtain in the middle of the store, with their loudly-patterned underwear around their ankles. The photo seems staged, since the couple’s pants are nowhere to be found and it’s kind of difficult to ignore a big street view camera in the middle of a store. Though we do suppose skateboards really turn some people on.

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