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Older Gamers Create Their Own Communities So They Don’t Have to Lose to ’12-Year-Old Girls from Japan’

"You get these 12-year-old kids swearing and being obnoxious online. You wonder where their parents are."
(Photo: Old Ass Gamers)

(Photo: Old Ass Gamers)

Anyone who has ever logged onto Xbox Live is well aware of the fact that the community is littered with rage-filled tweens who think shouting homophobic epithets at unsuspecting competitors is the very height of trash talking. It’s enough to make you play all local games, especially as a woman, lest you be subjected to a slew of unimaginative insults every time you use your microphone or make a good kill.

A cadre of older gamers got so sick of going up against dexterous middle schoolers shouting at them to “dieeeee motherfucker” that they decided to create their own community where they could play Xbox amongst themselves. The Wall Street Journal reports that gamers reared on classics like Pacman are trading in their Nintendo consoles for new Xboxes, but the easy transition kind of stops there.

“You get these 12-year-old kids swearing and being obnoxious online,” Thomas Abel, a creator of the older gamer hub Geezer Gamers, told The Journal. “You wonder where their parents are.” Mr. Abel noted that in addition to the expletive-laced battles with competitors of games like Halo, he’s also still recovering from getting his ass kicked in Chromehounds by “some 12-year-old girls from Japan.”

The Journal also highlights the community 2old2play, where gamers 25 and older can congregate. The founder even met his soon-to-be wife, Tiffany Fary, there. “Halo played a huge role in our courtship,” said Ms. Fary.

Hear that, over-25 single gamers? There’s hope for you yet.

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