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Not Just for Mobile: You Can Now Browse Your Instagram Feed on the Web

Insta stalking just got way easier.


Instagram announced in a blog post today that users can now browse through their feeds on the web, a significant shift from its previous mobile-only strategy. Users can log into their profiles on and view their feeds by hitting the “home” button.

Though Instagram originally began as an iPhone app, it’s expanded in recent months with the introduction of web user profiles. Users could like photos online, but had to find them by going to a user’s profile page or, often, through a link shared on Twitter or Facebook.  Now users are no longer limited to the small screen and can stalk–sorry, scroll–through the photos from their computer. But what will become of all those “Double tap if you love me!” notes? (To be fair, you can double click to like a pic.)

Web browsing will make commenting and finding people to follow much easier, though it seems unlikely to overtake the app, as the casual activity of scrolling through Instagram photos has become such a staple for mobile use. Even Facebook–with its recently-fixed but previously super janky app–has seen an uptick in mobile adoption, and it’s unlikely to turn back to the web.

Also interesting to note is that you won’t be able to upload photos from the web, as the Instagram team wants to keep the platform about “producing photos on the go, in the real world, in realtime.”

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