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Bye Bye Iron: Monopoly Makers Pander to Internet With Introduction of New Cat Token

Very satisfied with this decision.
A life-size version of the new Monopoly token, via the Today Show's Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

A life-size version of the new Monopoly token, via the Today Show’s Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

Today is a triumphant day for cat lovers everywhere, but especially for those who despise ironing. Hasbro’s Facebook stunt, devilishly proposed to distract us from the fact that Monopoly takes for-freakin-ever, has reached a delightful conclusion. Today reports that the iron token is getting the boot, and will be replaced with a sparkling cat token. Congratulations, Internet!

Last month, Hasbro asked Facebook users to vote in order to save their favorite Monopoly token. As it turns out, the iron, the hat and the wheelbarrow weren’t exactly fan favorites, and were all in danger of being voted off. Though it’s sad to bid adieu to a classic Monopoly token, the introduction of the cat is a wonderful acknowledgment that cats are the most glorious creatures to ever walk this fine planet.

We eagerly await more tokens that pander to the young and web-savvy, such as an angry Internet commenter piece and a Snapchat boob token.

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