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Memes Are Now Shilling for Startups and Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Meme it all!
Hrm. (Photo: screencap)

Hrm. (Photo: screencap)

Obviously every marketer in America fantasizes about their every video advertisement going wildly viral. But hey, why not skip a step and just cast someone who’s already Internet famous? That seems to be the thinking behind the appearance of Sweet “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” Brown in a new ad for the startup WePay, as Business Insider reports.

This is in fact the second commercial that Ms. Brown has appeared in, after an ad for a local dentist. Nice hustle, if you can get it!

It took Ms. Brown a little time to come around to her Internet fame. When KFOR followed up for a post-viral interview, she told the station, “I don’t like looking at [the video] because I don’t like looking at myself like that because I look like a joke and I was really serious.” But she also added, “Wow, that’s amazing. You think I can be a superstar?”

America, ladies and gentlemen. But maybe WePay should’ve asked themselves whether this was the best move, given Silicon Valley’s pattern-matching problem.

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