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Man Leaves Scathing Trip Advisor Review After Hotel Stay Ruined By Furry Convention

"I am not sure if you folks know what a Furry Rave is."


A furry convention is just like any other convention, except you might catch two people dressed in large homemade fox costumes making out next to a panel discussion about how to properly care for your fursuit.

Furry Fiesta, a three-day summit for members of a subculture that love (and are sometimes sexually attracted to) anthropomorphized¬†animals, is held every year at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in North Dallas-Addison. It’s full of panels, arts and crafts and stand-up comedy, and can also be a hotspot for raucous parties.

As it turns out, not every guest who stayed at the Crowne Plaza during the 2012 convention was as open-minded as the hotel staff about the nature of furrydom. A Florida father took his family to Dallas for a cheerleading competition and stayed at the Crowne Plaza during Furry Fiesta, and he was none too pleased with what he found. “Tony A” wrote a scathing review on Trip Advisor, condemning the hotel for allowing “these ‘people,’ if [you] can call them that” to stay there.

Mr. A had no idea what furries were until he decided to Google around for them:

I am not sure if you folks know what a Furry Rave is. A regular rave is a party where folks dance, drink, party and do their drugs. A regular rave would have been unacceptable then. A Furry Rave included more lude and lascivious behavior, along with the other factors included in a regular rave…. How did I find out all of these details about this “rave” and what these furry conventions are about? GOOGLE!!!!! How hard is it for someone to do a little due diligence before they schedule something like this? This research took me 5 MINUTES to do.

A Crowne Plaza representative reached out to Mr. A on Trip Advisor and the review has since been deleted, though it lives on forever in our hearts (and Google Cache). Once Reddit got ahold of it, response reviews starting cropping up holding Tony A. accountable for¬†his group’s behavior:

We had a lovely Fur Rave at the Crowne Plaza North Dallas Addison the first week of January. The staff was wonderful and our group had a lovely time. Between attending group functions and admiring one another’s delightful cosplay, we had genuinely adorable furry interaction in the hotel. The only thorn in our paw was a group of sanctimonious RA RA Cheerleader Moms (the worst kind). Their kids were yelling their useless to society chants in the halls and front room, in the halls – they had a problem with our adorably furry behavior.

So yeah, it’s only Monday and this is already the state of the Internet. Carry on.

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