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Legal Insight From WilmerHale's Jennifer Berrent

“Finding a good start-up lawyer from day one helps the long-term success of any new venture. We help level the playing field by bridging the knowledge gap between entrepreneurs and investors. Over the past 50 years, WilmerHale has helped thousands of entrepreneurs successfully launch their companies, raise billions in financing, and take their companies to sale, IPO and beyond.” - Jennifer Berrent

About Jennifer Berrent

Jennifer Berrent is a partner at WilmerHale in the Corporate Practice and Emerging Company Group. She has been working with emerging companies in particular for more than 15 years and is focused on serving as trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and the NYC entrepreneurial community. She represents first-time and serial entrepreneurs, as well as early stage investors and venture capital funds. She spearheaded the firm’s involvement with WeWork Labs, one of the leading start-up incubator programs, offering accessible legal counsel and programming for early stage entrepreneurs.


ask an expert jb01 thumbnail Jennifer BerrentIf I plan on going public in a few years, is there anything I should be careful to do now?
ask an expert jb02 thumnail Jennifer BerrentLawsuits between cofounders often seem to revolve around ownership of an idea, what can you do in the early stages before you know if an idea is worth anything, to avoid those disputes?
ask an expert jb03 thumbnail Jennifer BerrentWhat mistakes do startups make when signing a term sheet with investors?

Clips From Jennifer’s Live Chats

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