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Real Estate and Coworking Space Insight From Projective Space's James Wahba

"Projective Space is a carefully curated member based community that is changing the way people conduct their business. Through collaboration, community, culture, and creativity, our members are growing and succeeding, both personally and professionally." – James Wahba

About James Wahba

James Wahba is the co-founder and CEO of Projective Space, an entrepreneurial community and coworking space for over 60 tech startups, with two New York City locations. Mr. Wahba’s background includes real estate development, business investments and launching tech startups. He is currently an investor in the Brooklyn-based restaurant, ISA.

James is originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, and a graduate of Skidmore College. He has lived and worked in New York City since 1997.


aae jw01 thumbnail James WahbaDo you recommend using a coworking space for late stage startups?
ask an expert jw02 thumbnail James WahbaHow should I start the process of setting up a shared working space?

Clips From James’ Live Chats

ask an expert jw03 thumbnail James WahbaIn terms of physical design, what components do you recommend for developing a coworking space?
ask an expert jw04 thumbnail James WahbaWhat trends do you see emerging for coworking spaces?
ask an expert jw06 thumbnail James WahbaWhat size companies and locations work best for coworking spaces?
ask an expert jw05 thumbnail James WahbaWhat advice would you give a business looking to set up a non-coworking space?