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Instagram Threatens to Shut Down Madonna’s Account for Violating Its Community Guidelines


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Stars: they’re just like us! Getting chastised by photo sharing apps for posting supposedly inappropriate content.

Madonna posted a letter to her Instagram today that she received from the Instagram team. The letter warns her that some of her photos have violated the company’s community guidelines, and reminds her to abide by Instagram’s rules, such as not posting nudity or illegal content. It advises her to delete the offending content or else her account may be shut down.

It’s unclear which photos violated the community guidelines. There’s one showing Madonna’s buttcheek but that’s completely G-rated compared to other stuff on Instagram.

It is kind of refreshing to see celebs held to the same standard as regular users, but also–it’s Madonna. Obviously, Madge herself scoffs at the idea of a startup trying to stifle her creative license.¬†After posting an image of the letter without comment, all of her fans have commented things along the lines of, “UM H E L L O IT’S MADONNA.”

Mobli, a photo and video startup that’s no stranger to celebrity users (it counts Leo DiCaprio and Tobey McGuire as backers), released its own response to Instagram’s celeb faux pas.

(Photo: Mobli)

(Photo: Mobli)

Well, that’s one way to go after celebrity users.

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