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Have YOU Been Injured by a Robot Surgeon?: Robot Malpractice Suits Are Now a Thing

"Thousands of people have suffered severe and critical complications at the hands of surgical robots."
Robot surgeons are generally less sexy than regular surgeons. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Robot surgeons are generally less sexy than regular surgeons. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Robots are frequently relied on in the medical community to perform complex, invasive surgeries that require a dexterous touch. But like any person (or thing!) with a medical degree, robots are now become the target of lawsuits launched by their former patients.

Bad Robot Surgery is a place for people who have had surgery performed by a Da Vinci Robot to congregate. The Da Vinci is designed to use a minimally invasive procedure to perform minor procedures like hysterectomies or cardiac valve repair. But just because the human error factor is nonexistent doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Dr. Francois Blaudeau is an Alabama-based lawyer (with a medical degree!) who is fighting for the rights of victims of robot surgery.

“We are committed to helping victims of robot surgery receive the medical care and compensation they deserve,” reads the site. “Additionally, we are committed to educating patients and doctors throughout the nation about the complications associated with robot surgery.”

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that robot surgery is not more or less dangerous than that performed by human surgeons, but it can take longer and be more expensive. But let’s not say anything we regret and anger the robots…

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