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Google’s Mountain View Headquarters Are Under Attack From Toxic Vapors!

The Ghost of Silicon Valley's past.
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Think of the (adults being treated like) children!

Google’s Mountain View campus is home to a beach volleyball court, a bowling alley, a climbing wall, seven fitness centers, “more than 100 micro-kitchens” and, it seems, toxic vapors.

CBS says readings of TCE, or trichloroethylene vapors, as high as eight micrograms per cubic meter were found in Google buildings. Not to get too Erin Brokovich on you, but the normal range is five per cubic meter.

CBS says the culprit are the ghosts of Silicon Valley’s past. Buildings QD6, and QD7 are located on land once used by computer chip manufacturers like Fairchild Semiconductor, Intel, Raytheon and more, who “dumped thousands of gallons of the toxic solvent into the ground, contaminating the water.”

But we think we know what dark forces tinkering in the basement might really be at fault. RAYMOND KURZWEIL, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! REPORT TO THE SLIDE IMMEDIATELY.

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