Emergency 911: What You Can Do to Keep Vine Resumes From Becoming a Thing


It’s hard out there for a journalist, but let’s not do anything crazy. Mashable reports that seasoned reporter Dawn Siff decided to capitalize on Twitter’s 6-second video-sharing tool by putting her resume on it. Why is every Internet savvy person’s first reaction to a new platform to turn it into a resume tool?

Don’t do this.


This is worse even than Instagram resumes and Pinterest resumes.

Betabeat is here to help stop this social media montrosity before it starts. Here’s how you can keep Vine resumes from becoming a thing.

1. Don’t make Vine resumes.

2. Discourage anyone with “new media” in their Twitter bio from downloading Vine.

3. After you are done reading this post, forget anyone ever Vined a resume.

This has been a public service announcement.

As for the award-winning Ms. Siff, let us direct you to her actual resume instead.

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