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Man Devotes Three Years to Sabotaging Company Servers with Spray Cleaner

Cleaning fluid and computers don't mix.
Bang, and your computers are fried! (Photo: Wikipedia)

Bang, and your computers are fried! (Photo: Wikipedia)

Everyone feels a little under-appreciated at work every now and then. However, it’s highly unlikely you’ve ever taken your vengeance with so much patience and steely-eyed determination as accounts controller Edward Sobolewski. The Telegraph reports that Mr. Sobolewski spent three years vandalizing the servers of his employer, the British market research firm Frost and Sullivan, to the tune of £32,000 in damages.

His choice of weapon for this campaign of destruction? The cleaning fluid Cillit Bang, which is marketed in the U.K. with the slogan, “bang and the dirt is gone.”

It does not mix as well with electronics as it does with kitchen counters.

Mr. Sobolewski began his slow-motion sabotage when he was passed over for a raise. It seems the unfortunate perp was going through a bit of a rough patch in his personal life, and he snapped. He wasn’t apprehended until 2012, when Frost and Sullivan installed a CCTV camera:

“He entered into the room with a distinctive purple bottle of Cillit Bang and the following day he was seen spraying it into the computer grills and then wiping the excess fluid away with a cloth.

“He is then seen pouring a container of liquid into one of the machines.”

He is now going to jail for eight months, and he’s also been walloped with a £10,000 fine.  It’s too soon to tell whether he’ll become a folk hero for overpaid, underworked server tenders–the Jesse James of the tech world.

(h/t The Register)

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