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Burger King Twitter Account Hacked, Immediately Turned Into Ad for McDonald’s

(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

The official Burger King Twitter account has been hacked, and when it comes to terrible fast food, the hacker appears to have an allegiance to McDonald’s.

“We just got sold to McDonalds! Look for McDonalds in a hood near you,” tweeted the account about 20 minutes ago. The Burger King avatar has been changed to the McDonald’s logo.

The account appears to have been hacked by the Defonic Team Screen Name Club, a member of which was responsible for hacking Paris Hilton’s Sidekick way back when. @BurgerKing has tweeted numerous references to #DTSNC since it was taken over by the hacker.

Anonymous also appears to be in on the joke. The hackers tweeted “Follow us @YourAnonNews #OpMadCow,” which was retweeted by @YourAnonNews.






Update: McDonald’s has denied involvement in the hack of the Burger King account:

Wendy’s also claims to have an alibi:

The @BurgerKing account has been suspended by Twitter.

Update 2:

@BurgerKing is back up and running, but it has lost all of it’s followers–a real shame since the hackers helped pushed the brand over 100,000 before being shut down. The hacker’s tweets are also still visible, so this was just a shitty day for Burger King’s social media team all around.

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