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7th Graders Send Hello Kitty Into Space in Cutest Science Project Ever

(Screenshot: YouTube)

(Screenshot: YouTube)

Gone are the days when science projects consisted of paper mache volcanoes, baking soda and vinegar. Now, budding young scientists are putting your space diorama to shame by actually launching things into space. Kids these days, smh.

CBS News reports that a trio of young ladies at Cornerstone Christian School decided to marry their love of science with their Hello Kitty obsession. So, for their 7th grade science project, they created a homemade rocket, placed a Hello Kitty doll inside, and launched it into space using a home weather balloon kit.

Titled “The effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature,” the little geniuses then attached a GoPro camera to the weather balloon so they could film Hello Kitty adorably making her way through space. Bon voyage, little kitty!

(h/t Gizmodiva)

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