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72 Is the New 30 Claim Scientists After Watching ‘Off Their Rockers’

"Betty White seems young for her age, doesn't she?" - One scientist to another scientist.
Some 30 year olds. (Photo: Xfinity)

Some 30 year olds. (Photo: Xfinity)

According to a new study on longevity, 72 is the new 30, so shut up about your quarter-life crisis.

The Financial Times broke down the study, which examined men from Sweden and Japan, two countries with very high life expectancy rates. The scientists found that primitive cavemen had the same odds of dying at age 30 as Swedish or Japanese men do now at age 72. Since 1900, longevity “has risen faster than it did in the previous 200 millennia since modern man began to evolve from hominid species.”

While some futurists are into techniques that are a little more out-there, like cryogenic freezing, life extension is slowly creepy into the mainstream with recent public support from bold-faced names like Mark Zuckerberg and Sergie Brin.

Somewhere in a tricked-out Google office Ray Kurzweil is rubbing together his bionic hands and madly cackling.

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