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34 Percent of New York’s Online Dating Profiles Are Completely Full of Shit

We are all Catfish.
(Photo: Science of Relationships)

(Photo: Science of Relationships)

A/S/L? 20/F/California here.

Haha just kidding. Like the information contained in one third of New York dating profiles, that was a complete lie. According to a new study, a lot of us are chronic embellishers here on the web.

The study, conducted by dating auction site What’s Your Price, found that New York is the third least honest city when it comes to online dating profiles, with 34 percent of New Yorkers fudging facts about traits like their appearance, career, age and education. Men frequently lie about their height and build, but some also apparently try to mask their more illegal hobbies.

“Another guy told me he didn’t smoke, but he had weed growing in his back yard in Long Island,” one woman told amNewYork.

Unlike people who try to be someone completely different on shows like Catfish, online daters frequently tweak their profiles so that they’re full of half-truths, using real pictures of themselves but then lying about specific details like their salary.

The study also found the cities with the most truthful profiles: Houston, Phoenix, Boston, Charlotte and Minneapolis top the list, so they might be good places to start looking for a relationship. But then you’d have to leave New York, and who would ever want to do that?

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