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Warner Bros Swoops In As Third Contender to Take John McAfee to the Movies

In Hollywood, none of this will seem crazy.

mcafee1 Warner Bros Swoops In As Third Contender to Take John McAfee to the MoviesFor the last two months, antivirus software pioneer has played the role of public fugitive, fleeing Belize when police in the Central American nation sought him for questioning in a local murder, describing his fugitive lifestyle in a seemingly endless string of interviews, often conducted from hiding.

Even after Mr. McAfee successfully escaped Belize, ultimately landing in the U.S., he refused to go quietly into the good night, continuing to troll Belize officials—not to mention any such prudes disturbed by amorous photographs of a 67-year-old man and women perhaps 50 years his junior—from the platform of his blog.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that there’s another movie treatment of Mr. McAfee’s saga in the works: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros has scooped up rights to Wired reporter Joshua Davis’s article, John McAfee’s Last Stand.

It’s not the only McAfee movie in the works. As you’ll recall, Mr. McAfee sold rights to his life story to an outfit called Impact Future Media. That tale, tentatively titled Running in the Background, wasn’t even the first planned film-length telling of Mr. McAfee’s future adventures, as Vice magazine has also indicated plans to produce a documentary of the Belizean adventure.

Neither of those films, of course, would seem likely to have the same resources behind them as the new Warner Bros entry, and the production company has reportedly slated John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, who teamed up on such films as I Love You Phillip Morris and Bad Santa, to write and direct.

Well, if a movie about Mr. McAfee is a thing that is happening, who do we like as the leather-skinned leading man? Here’s hoping Nick Nolte has the inside track.

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