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Twitter Temporarily Suspends Tool That Serves as Anonymous Gossip HQ for the Tech Set

How long will it be up this time?

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 12.11.07 PMSometimes Betabeat comes up with some especially caustic zingers or insidery complaints that we know we can’t really tweet, and yet the urge to share them is painfully strong. Enter Can’t Tweet This, a Twitter anonymizer that allows anyone to tweet anonymous missives, aggregated on the handle @canttweetthis_.

Unfortunately, Twitter momentarily suspended @canttweetthis_, but the site account was back up and running not too long after. Bryan Morrissey, the Editor in Chief of Digiday who co-created the account, said on Twitter that the account was suspended for “sending unsolicited @ messages to users.”

“They will not silence Mr. Anonymous for long,” he promised.

The Can’t Tweet This feed is largely comprised of anonymous tweets by and about people in tech and advertising. One asked PandoDaily founder Sarah Lacy to please stop referring to herself as an entrepreneur in every single post; another included an admission that the user was unconcerned about the future of ad tech. Others were more to the point: “I sharted.”

Mr. Morrissey wrote on Digiday that he created the account as a safe space for people to express what’s on their minds without fear that it will be associated with their social media presence. He likened it to a modern day PostSecret.

“twitter, don’t try to silence mr. anonymous. he won’t go down easily,” reads the most recent tweet sent since the site was reinvigorated.

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