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Treat Yo’ Self: For Just a $47,000 Hotel Reservation, You Too Can Get a ‘Social Media Butler’ to Tweet for You

Quel luxury.
(Photo: Blogspot)

(Photo: Blogspot)

Wondering where to dump that stray $50k you have lying around so that you can spend the presidential inauguration swagging out in some palatial, gold-plated estate? Look no further than D.C.’s Madison Hotel, which is offering an elite “Inaugural Town and Country” package to visitors of the capital for whom a night at the Four Seasons just ain’t cuttin’ it.

The Daily Dot reports that the stay comes with “a $5,000 gift certificate for clothes and a night at a different hotel” (???), as well as your very own “social media butler” who is literally paid to document your visit via social media.

Yes, digital marketing expert Victoria Levine will “chronicle your Inaugural experience so your friends and family can follow your adventures on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.” Because you can’t bear to pass up this humblebrag opportunity, but sharing every minuscule moment of your $16,000/day stay is just so exhausting.

For her part, Ms. Levine seems skeptical anyone will actually buy the package. “We haven’t really figured out the details. I guess we’re waiting to see if anyone buys it,” she told the Dot.

High rollers, please prove her wrong and have your social media butler report back.

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