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The Selfie Goes to Washington: Sasha and Malia ‘Internet Face’ the Inauguration

The national condition.
Sasha Malia selfie


Something momentous happened yesterday. America, the beautiful–now with higher “flawless quotient” thanks to second couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé–inaugurated a black president for the second time, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day no less. Bangs were swung, shade was thrown, a terrifying parallel universe was kept at bay.

Less importantly, but no less indicative about the direction this country is heading, the inauguration also elevated the “selfie” onto the political stage. Literally.

Sasha and Malia’s neon-encased iPhones (sorry, the GOOG) captured not only Michelle Obama’s impeccable duck face, but also their own irrepressible tween mugging. Just wait until POTUS lets them use Facebook.


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