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Teen Pulls Train’s Emergency Brake Because He Dropped His iPhone

(Photo: Gregor Richardson, ODT)

(Photo: Gregor Richardson, ODT)

When not creating their own forum on Reddit where they can break their parents’ rules and listen to their music as loud as they want, teens have resorted to inconveniencing everyone around them because of their addiction to smartphones. The future, ladies and gents.

The Otago Daily Times reports that 13-year-old Spencer Sutherland Todd was attempting to take a photo of the beautiful Mt. Allan scenery in New Zealand when he accidentally dropped his phone onto the tracks. Then, instead of giving in to the fact that his parents would just have to buy him a new one when he returned from his exotic vacation, the teen had a full-on panic attack and pulled the train’s emergency brake, bringing the entire locomotive full of passengers to a halt.

“I pulled the emergency thing that you only pull in extreme emergencies,” Mr. Todd told the paper, unaware that he will most likely be impersonated in a future SNL sketch that parodies our digital existence. “It is very important to me.”

NJ Transit employees, take note: the train’s staff actually did a cursory look for the poor teen’s precious iPhone, and eventually found it–unharmed!–on the trip back. Mr. Todd was bestowed his beloved gadget amid cheers from fellow passengers, because this is New Zealand, and people are apparently just plain nicer there.

However, a word of caution, dear readers: if you pull the subway emergency brake because you dropped your iPhone on the tracks, New Yorkers would appreciate it if you kindly never rode the subway again. Thank you and good day.

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