Ballmer Time

Steve Ballmer Does His Best Steve Ballmer Impression at Surprise CES Appearance

Just bein' Steve.
Here is a GIF of this amazing moment.

Here is a GIF of this amazing moment.

Steve “Sweaty” Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, was not slated to give the preshow keynote this year at CES. So fancy our surprise when he came running out, pointer fingers dancing wildly in the air, to join Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs on stage. Mr. Ballmer did his best goofy Steve Ballmer impression, waggling his tongue as he placed his outstretched and no doubt moist hand into Mr. Jacobs’.

It was the kind of pre-planned “surprise” that only Steve Ballmer could deliver. The crowd cheered encouragingly, perhaps hoping for a reprise of Mr. Ballmer’s most famous video moment, DEVELOPERS.

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