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Sean Parker, ‘Dean of the Davos Party Scene,’ One-Ups Himself With Laser Taxidermy

"You thought you'd seen everything AND NOW YOU have gazed into the eyes of a 250-year-old elk shot by a huntsman in Germany with green laser eyes GLARING into your retinas. YEAH."
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(Photo: Loic Le Meur/Instagram)

Former Facebook president Sean Parker may not have made the confidential list of 2,630 world leaders, chief executives, and professional pontifs who ponied up $40,000/week–layoffs be damned!–to attend this year’s World Economic Forum. But “the dean of the Davos party scene” still delivered.

Mr. Parker’s fiancée, aspiring musician Alexandra Lenas, gave birth to their daughter, Winter Victoria Parker, earlier this month. But fatherhood doesn’t seem to have slowed down the party hardy billionaire.

On Friday, he hosted a VIP party attended by Marissa Mayer, Dan Loeb (the hedge fund founder who helped install her at Yahoo), business insider Henry Blodget, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, and a bearded, grinning Lloyd Blankfein.

The event, billed as “Future Of Philanthropy Nightcap,” was cohosted by Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff and London-based “PR supremo” Ian Osborne and featured performances by John Legend and Mark Ronson.

But it’s hard to believe anyone was paying attention to the music when there was some strange amalgam of cape buffalo and laser pointer hanging from the wall. As a super-normal-voiced Mr. Parker explained on stage:

“The thing that you see here that was built from top to bottom, from the ground up, laser-eyed taxidermy. You thought you’d seen everything AND NOW YOU have gazed into the eyes of a 250-year-old elk shot by a huntsman in Germany with green laser eyes GLARING into your retinas. YEAH.”

Solid decoration ideas from a sober mind. Considering the lifespan of an elk, presumably the beast was stuffed awhile ago and the lasers are a new addition.

Mr. Blodget, who “actually felt quite at home,” in the all ages crowd reports that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, NYSE CEO Duncan Niederauer, Soundcloud CEO Alex Ljung, Dropbox founder Drew Houston, journalism’s super ego Jeff Jarvis, PayPal founder Max Levchin, Idealab CEO Bill Gross, and a bunch of reporters also showed up. Not to mention an uber-chill Gary Cohn. When the Goldman Sachs president entered the room:

“. . . another guest mistook him for someone at JP Morgan-Chase. Gary fist-bumped him to let him know he didn’t hold it against him.”

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but all told the head count was probably not far off from the 200 daily active users AppData reports for Airtime, Mr. Parker’s video chat service. (That’s down from 400 daily active users in October.)

If Airtime fails to take off, the Founders Fund managing partner and Spotify board member can always take up Swiss party planning. Last year, he hosted a 43rd birthday bash for Rich Stromback at Davos that one guest described as, “surreal, like the bar scene from ‘Star Wars’ in which many strange worlds combine.” According to the New York Post, that ended with Randi Zuckerberg and Robert Scoble dancing on a table.

The year before that, Mr. Parker chartered two jets to fly out The Killers, Jane’s Addiction, and Snoop Dogg to his “off the hook” Spotify bash, following the startup’s partnership with Facebook.

Davos likely holds a special place in Mr. Parker’s heart for other reasons. In 2011, one month before he and Ms. Lenas got engaged, the Daily Mail says she “purportedly saved his life” at the WEF. “Mr Parker accidentally ate some nuts, which he is allergic to. Miss Lenas carried him to his car so their driver could rush the couple to the hospital.”

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