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Redditors Revolt After CEO Yishan Wong Posts Link to 9gag

(Screencap: Facebook)

(Screencap: Facebook)

Some waved virtual pitchforks and some wept into each other’s bosoms as Reddit users gathered in the town square (a.k.a. the Reddit front page) to voice their outrage at CEO Yishan Wong, who committed the ultimate act of betrayal directly in public view.

Today, in the wee hours of the morning, Mr. Wong posted a link on his Facebook page. But it wasn’t just any typical link–not to Imgur, and certainly not to Reddit. Instead, the link he posted was to 9gag, Reddit’s most notorious nemesis.

Reddit’s CEO, Yishan Wong, has betrayed us,” reads a post currently at number one on the front page. Click through, and it leads to an Imgur screenshot of Mr. Wong’s betrayal. With one word–“Whoa”–and a link to that goddamn picture of a young Christopher Walken kind of, sort of resembling Scarlett Johansson, Mr. Wong activated the deep reservoir of anger and revenge from which Redditors draw when one of their own abandons them.

The controversial post drew outrage from critics both on Facebook and Reddit. “The CEO of just linked to No words,” commented one Facebook user, receiving almost 100 “likes.”

Others took the move slightly more personally. “The fact that he actually browses 9gag saddens me deeply,” lamented mcmunch20.

“fireable, imo,” echoed facemelt.

Though Redditors continue to call for his head, Mr. Wong has not addressed his devastating move on Facebook or Reddit. Perhaps we should go check 9gag.

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