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Raffi Would Like to Point Out He Invented the Bananaphone Way Before the iPhone Came Out

Bananaphone >>>>> phones today.
(Photo: CD Universe)

(Photo: CD Universe)

Everyone’s favorite children’s singer Raffi, responsible for preschool james like “Baby Beluga” and “Bananaphone,” has carved out a pretty successful niche for himself on Twitter. His followers appear to be comprised primarily of twentysomethings nostalgic for their youth (ahem) and their parents. He tweets primarily about the environment (his 1990 album Everygreen, Everblue introduced a lot of us to environmentalism) and delightful factoids about his robust discography.

Lately, Raffi has gotten into the habit of tweeting about technology and what he sees as our dispiriting addiction to it. “Hey, Orwell: u were right re 1984,” he tweeted this morning. “it’s REALLY 1984. now. surveillance writ large, we’re giving up privacy, willingly. #digital#tech”

Our favorite Raffi missives, however, revolve around his proudest technological invention: The Bananaphone.

Ah, the good old days, when phones were meant to be eaten and not sexted on.

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