Law and Order

NYPD Asks Pharmacies to Hide GPS Trackers in Pill Bottles to Track Pill-Popping Thieves



Enterprising pillheads hoping to snag a supply of Percs from the local Duane Reade might have an extra layer of security to contend with soon. The NYPD is asking pharmacies in the New York area to outfit fake pill bottles with GPS technology to help the force catch pill-popping thieves. Well, can’t say they’re not creative.

TheĀ Washington Post reports that NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly is slated to reveal the new tech-friendly way to catch thieves at a health conference in California today. The move comes in response to the thriving black market for prescription pain medicines, and will be included with a number of suggestions that officers will roll out to local pharmacies in the coming weeks.

Of course, by telling the press about the plan, drug thieves now know to keep an eye out for GPS trackers in their stolen pill bottles, but what do we know about police work?

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