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Never Lose the Remote Again! Bluetooth Stickers Let You Locate Objects With Your Smartphone

Let the lazy rejoice.
Stick 'em to your cat! (Photo: StickNFind)

Stick ‘em to your cat! (Photo: StickNFind)

Finally, a product that circumvents the boring social-local-mobile startups and solves a real life problem facing people everywhere: losing shit and wishing you could just ctrl+F instead of tearing up your apartment looking for it.

Engadget reports that the relatively inexpensive StickNFind bluetooth stickers can be adhered to anything from the remote to keys to pets (?) to keep you from going out of your mind when you inevitably lose these things. A free app for Android or iPhone then lets you find any object within a 100 foot range that’s tagged with a sticker. If you start to get out of range, the app will alert you.

Now the question becomes how to adhere these to your significant other without him or her knowing. Haha JK who would do that?? Gulp.

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