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Must Hate Bacon: Internet-Savvy Mini Pig Seeks Forever Home on Craigslist

"I will spin for a grape."
Leo the pig. (Photo: Craigslist)

Leo the pig. (Photo: Craigslist)

If you’re in the market for a new pet, might we point you to this Craigslist ad, which is offering a “certified mini pig” named Leo. Leo maintains a robust social media presence both on Twitter and Instagram, and is looking for a forever home after his current owner found out she could no longer keep a pig in her tiny Soho apartment (surprise!).

Pictures of the 4-month-old Mr. Leo show that he’s about the size of a small dog and is described in the ad as “a Huge Napper.” (Seriously guys this is my dream pet.) But of course, due to his unfortunate molecular composition, Leo’s current owner is looking for him to live in a vegetarian or vegan home–or at least with people who don’t eat bacon.

“I was recently neutered, so I’m quite pleasant to be around and enjoy burrowing in the nape of your neck and massaging your feet with my snout,” reads the ad. “I will spin for a grape. I learn tricks quickly. I’m wee wee pad trained and I am the Ultimate little spoon.”


Of course, Betabeat would like to extend our apologies if this does indeed turn out to be an FBI sting. Not to mention that owning a pig appears to be illegal in NYC. But he’s so cute!

(h/t Lindsey Weber)


Turns out Leo the Pig’s owner is Heather Hauswirth, a journalist at Bloomberg TV. “i’m sad to say that i’m looking to find a home for my little piglet @LeothePig please msg me if interested:,” she tweeted yesterday.

Now her Bloomberg buddies are teaming up to help find Leo a home. ” @LeothePig is getting ready for his @BloombergTV debut. Trying to find a new home. Tune in this hour,” tweeted BloombergTV’s Josh Glasser. Can’t someone adopt this cute lil piggie?

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