Ballmer and Butthead

Mike Judge’s HBO Silicon Valley Comedy Opens On ‘The Shit Brown Hills of Mountainview’

My name is Cornholio. I need money for my startup.
There's shit in them hills.

There’s shit in them hills.

Have we told you how mind-numbingly excited Betabeat is for HBO’s forthcoming comedy, Silicon Valley? That the network’s inspired decision to hire the creators of Beavis and Butthead to write a TV show about startups thrust us into a fit of giggling anticipation?

So, now we have. And we’re happy to report that reading snippets of the script for the show’s pilot episode has only served to increase our high hopes.

According to Quartz, the opening credits begin like so: “We see shot after shot of things that pass for exciting in Silicon Valley,” including the “shit brown colored hills of Mountainview,” “Steve Ballmer ranting on stage,” and “Elon Musk with a Rocket.”

There is a character named Peter Gregory, who is a venture capitalist and apparently a dead giveaway for Peter Thiel.

And there is the plot, which goes a little something like this:

“… six programmers are living together in East Palo Alto, each working on software they hope will make them rich, from a system for policing music copyrights to an app that ‘gives you the location of a woman with erect nipples.'”

It’s just about exactly how we’d write it. Only in our telling, the staff of Betabeat gets hired to write the second season.

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