Ballmer Time

Microsoft Would Like You to Please Stop Blaming It for Stealing Your NBA Team

It was all Ballmer, okay?
Y'all don't know me.

Y’all don’t know me.

Ever since news broke that Microsoft CEO Steve “Sweaty” Ballmer is part of an investment group working on buying Seattle its very own NBA team, the high profile tech company has been forced to fend off angry Sacramento Kings fans who blame it for the loss of their beloved franchise.

Mr. Ballmer and his co-investors want desperately to buy the Kings and convert them into the Seattle Sonics, because even with all the rain, Seattle is still less depressing than Sacramento. Though Mr. Ballmer has not yet convinced his fellow investors to name the team the Ballmer Ballers, Kings fans are still directing their ire at Microsoft, which they believe has some sort of say in the deal.

In fact, Sacramento was so angry about losing their basketball team that a local politician wrote a letter blasting Mr. Ballmer’s decision to rob the state of a profitable, job-creating franchise. Now, according to Geekwire, Microsoft has been forced to issue its own statement pointing out that hey, actually Mr. Ballmer is doing this one all on his own.

“The effort to build a new professional sports arena in Seattle was initiated and is led by San Francisco-based developer,¬†Chris Hansen, who has announced a number of investors, including Steve Ballmer,” reads the statement. “Microsoft Corporation¬†is not involved in the effort.”

The company added, “Na na na na na.”

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