Mr. Roboto

Meet Larry, the Projectile Puking Robot

(Photo: Needs More Robots)

(Photo: Needs More Robots)

In the future, robots will do everything from completing menial tasks to giving us longevity orgasms, but we haven’t quite gotten to the point where we can trust them as lovers. Instead, humanoid robots have become the new test subjects, allowing scientists and researchers to study how certain outside factors might influence the human body.

The newest robot doing humanity’s dirty work? Larry, the projectile vomiting humanoid. Science.

Researchers developed Larry, a “humanoid simulated vomiting system,” so that they could study just how far a norovirus might make his puke fly. Noroviruses are highly contagious bugs that affect the lower GI system, causing distress of both the mouth and butt variety.

Millions of people contract them every year, and scientists say they’re hitting harder and earlier. Not to mention the virus can remain alive for “12 hours on hard surfaces and up to 12 days on contaminated fabrics such as carpets and upholstery. In still water, it can survive for months, maybe even years.” Ew.

Larry, meanwhile, has demonstrated that humans are capable of vomiting up to three meters. Impressive, to say the least.

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