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Kids Now Incapable of Pooping Without Digital Entertainment

"COME ON" - Gob Bluth


Folks, have a glimpse into the terrifying future, a future in which your child refuses to relinquish the right to have you wipe his butt unless you give him an iPad. This is what could become of our society should the iPotty gain any modicum of popularity.

The BBC reports that the device was unveiled at CES. What is an iPotty, exactly, besides a blemish upon Steve Jobs’s legacy? It’s a kid-sized toilet with a built-in iPad stand, because children of the future will be incapable of taking a shit without simultaneously completing a Dora the Explorer virtual puzzle.

Makers of the iPotty told the BBC that kids can use the toilet “for entertainment,” or load up an app to help potty train them.

God help us all if they build a dude-sized one of these things.

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