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Hollywood So Desperate for Ideas It’s Making Movies Based on Deviant Art Drawings

(Photo: Deviant Art)

(Photo: Alex Panagopoulos, Deviant Art)

The Internet has unleashed a flood of creativity and self-expression: from writing to music, there’s always another reblog to convince you that art is both valued and needed. Yet it seems that the more creators flock to the web to express themselves, the more desperate Hollywood becomes to make something–anything–that isn’t a steaming pile of shit.

Hollywood has long taken its plot cues from the Internet, but whatever nepotistic intern tasked with trawling the web for script ideas this time has truly outdone himself. Slashfilm reports that New Line Cinemas is making a movie based on a drawing they found on Deviant Art. This is not a drill, people.

To make matters worst, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be starring in it. Like, actually. Also, it’s called Teddy Bear.

The “film” is based on a viral Deviant Art portrait by software engineer Alex Panagopoulos called “Sweet Halloween Dreams.” The drawing depicts a teddy bear protecting a sleeping child from a terrifying monster. It’s an awesome piece of art, but not exactly the stuff you create an entire movie around.

Next up, the blockbuster trilogy Sluttershy, based on all the sexy My Little Pony illustrations that collect on Deviant Art.

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