Hasbro Turns to Facebook Stunt to Distract People From the Fact Monopoly Takes For-Freaking-Ever

This is basically a hostage situation.
Poor wheelbarrow. (Screenshot: Facebook)

Poor wheelbarrow. (Screenshot: Facebook)

When was the last time you finished a game of Monopoly–like actually finished it, didn’t get bored in the middle, get up to grab a drink and then just never return? We assume it’s been quite some time, as Monopoly is basically the jury duty of board games: lots of sitting around, not much action, maybe getting into a tussle with a weird old guy over ethics, etc.

Now, Monopoly maker Hasbro has resorted to a viral stunt in order to detract from the fact that the game is absolutely interminable, and it’s taken to Facebook to play out its hostage situation in real time.

Save Your Token!” cries the Facebook voting app, where users can vote to save one of eight existing game pieces. So far the dog and the car–a.k.a. the pieces you and your brother always fought over–are safe, but wheelbarrow lovers are bound to be devastated. The poor ’barrow has received only 3 percent of the vote and is in danger of disappearing from the game forever in a cruel display of corporate bravado.

Hasbro intends to replace the losing piece with a new one, but the choices are sure to divide avid Internet users, who must choose between a cat, diamond ring, guitar, helicopter or toy robot.

As we all know, having to choose between a cat and a robot is basically Sophie’s choice. Not cool, Hasbro.

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