Floating, Lawless Tech Incubator Scores $300,000 to Build Libertarian Paradise

Heaven! (Photo: Blueseed)

Heaven! (Photo: Blueseed)

Paging Peter Thiel! Blueseed, a sea-faring tech incubator that aims to skirt visa laws by hosting its programs in international waters, has raised $300,000 from Silicon Valley investor Mike Maples. The startup incubator and business center intends to provide a place for non-US citizens to have the same access to the ideas and capital in the Valley without having to go through the complicated visa process. Though it’s just a fraction of the $10-30 million needed for the project to actually take off, no doubt Silicon Valley’s principled libertarian population will be excited to hear the news.

Last we checked in with the Valley libertarians, Peter Thiel pal Patri Friedman was preparing a book on Seasteading, the practice of living at sea in order to avoid national laws. Blueseed, meanwhile, raised $500,000 in September 2011 and is planning to launch at the end of this year.

According to the venture’s site, it will cost about $1,600 per month per person to live and work on the floating incubator, which will be anchored approximately 12 miles from Silicon Valley. “We’ll charge a combination of rent and equity to accommodate the stage of your startup,” reads the site. “The price per person will include living and office space, and will range from $1200 for a shared cabin to $3000 for a top-tier single accommodation cabin.”

This may be the closest to a libertarian paradise we’ll get any time soon, as the Peter Thiel-funded Future Cities project, which sought to build its own autonomous utopia within Honduras, was shut down in October 2012.

Fear not: we’re sure the high-rolling Mr. Thiel has plenty of soft $100 bills to wipe his tears away.

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