Blind Item

Okay, Which of You Got Freaky With the CEO of a ‘Prominent Web Startup’ at Davos?

We can keep a secret, pinky swear!

It seems no opportunity for romance is outside the purview of dating site HowAboutWe. Hence this recap of the pickins for participants at Davos, the Model U.N. for wealthy grown-ups. Apparently, “the dynamics at Davos are basically the same as the dynamics of any other group of human beings.” We’re as shocked as you are!

The primary source for the post was a nameless tech CEO, who swore the younger attendees, at least, kept it pretty chaste:

“There’s a bizarrely non-sexual attitude in Davos,” the tech CEO said. “You can dance around with men or women with abandon…but it’s only the older delegates who seem to push to take someone up to a hotel room.”

Who knew Nobel laureates and their jet-setting ilk were so handsy?

The after-dark scene was reportedly even a bit quieter this year, despite party boy Sean Parker’s best efforts. “This year the mood seemed less revelrous, particularly after two of the most exclusive gatherings—Accel Partners and the Google Party—were cancelled,” says HowAboutWe.

But it seems at least a couple of techies found the opportunity to get their freak on. And so there appears this intriguing little blind item:

Despite the real estate hurdles, some managed just fine—one global shaper was overheard bragging to her friends that she’d gone home the previous night with the CEO of one of the world’s most prominent web startups.

Disclaimers! First off, anyone seriously identified as a “global shaper” is, more likely than not, embroidering on the details of her conquest. We’d also wager there’s a bit of telephone at work here. (There’s a reason hearsay isn’t admissible in a court of law.)

Nonetheless, to the nameless CEO, we say: You saucy devil. Also, maybe screen for discretion in your paramours.

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