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The Inimitable Christopher Walken Says He Doesn’t Have a Computer. Why Would He?

He "missed all that."
"WHAT?" -- everyone. (screencap)

“WHAT?” — everyone. (screencap)

What does actor Christopher Walken have in common with rap legend DMX? Apparently neither gives a single, solitary fuck about keeping up with the Internet.

Last Night, Mr. Walken appeared on the Daily Show to promote his latest flick. Noting that Mr. Walken is hard to get hold of, Jon Stewart asked whether he’s a technofile. “No, I missed all that,” the oddball actor replied.

But it seems he doesn’t simply mean he’s disinterested in Twitter. Mr. Stewart followed up: “Are you saying you don’t have a computer?” Mr. Walken: “No.” Mr. Stewart: “For real?” Mr. Walken: “No, I don’t. And you know, if you don’t have a computer…you don’t have a certain kind of identity. You don’t have a footprint in the cloud.”

Any information he needs, he gets from his wife.

Mr. Walken doesn’t even have a cell phone–except when he’s working: “When I make a movie, they hand me one, and I always think, that’s nice,” he said. “But you know, it’s not for me.” It’s so the director, producers and their ilk can track him down if necessary.

Pity: We bet Mr. Walken would send some epic Snapchats.

The discussion of technology starts at about 3:40:

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