CBS Rejects Pornhub’s Totally Harmless SFW Super Bowl Ad

The Pornhub logo is apparently too inappropriate for TV.
(Photo: Pornhub)

(Photo: Pornhub)

When it comes to advertising, it’s hard out there for a porn company–not that one of the Internet’s biggest porn websites really needs to advertise itself. As all those pearl-clutchy “Vine’s Porn Problem” posts will tell you, porn is everywhere on the Internet, and most of those NSFW videos can be viewed on PornHub, a popular adult video streaming site.

Now, BuzzFeed reports that PornHub has created a totally SFW Super Bowl ad, only to have it harshly rejected by the bigwigs at CBS. (We’ve reached out to CBS in order to independently verify that it rejected the ad.)

The adorable ad features an elderly couple happily sitting on a bench. That’s basically it. Then the Pornhub logo flashes on the screen at the end. Sure, kids could presumably see that and Google “Pornhub,” but we’d argue it would be one of the least offensive Super Bowl ads (lookin’ at you, GoDaddy).

Pornhub has created a (SFW) website where users can vote on whether or not the ad should’ve been rejected; so far 82 percent of people agree the ad should air.

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