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Which Well-Funded New York Cofounder Is Ready To Raise Again?

OH in Williamsburg.

tumblr_lsd71nDGkc1qktv2go1_1280Sorry, startups, but you’re going to have to get better at the Stanford swivel.

One local developer wrote in to Betabeat to recount a meeting at a Williamsburg coffee shop earlier today between a well-heeled startup founder, who recently raised a hefty double-digit sum, and what appeared to be a management consultant. “Trying to clean up that awkward public image they’ve got?” the source wondered.

The business casual consultant type was trying to figure out the founder’s management philosophy and the needs of the company. The founder–like most New York entrepreneurs–was bemoaning the dried up talent pool for devs, in particular those with UI/UX design skills.

Said the source:

Only thing of note was that they were talking about when another VC round would come, and REDACTED mentioned wanting to start raising in 6-12 months or so. He was wanting to do it early in order to find the best terms, and ideally not have to worry about it for another 2 years. I was thinking “didn’t you just get $REDACTED million? how much do you need to build REDACTED?”

Sometimes you have to make short-term goals when the weather folds.

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