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And the Tears Flowed Like Sports Drink: NMA Jokesters Take on Manti Te’o and His Imaginary Dead Girlfriend

More or less biting than Te'oing?

Teo grabWell, that didn’t take long: One day after Deadspin unfurled the sad and sordid tale of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o’s imaginary dead girlfriend, the merry pranksters at Taiwanese studio Next Media Animation heaped another dose of scorn on the football star.

Mr. Te’o, if you haven’t been following, was the Heisman Award finalist who spent the fall telling reporters the tragic tale of Lennay Kekua, his supposed 22-year-old girlfriend who supposedly died of leukemia early in the college football season. The rub, as Deadspin uncovered, was that Mr. Kekua didn’t exist, and was either a cruel hoax perpetuated on or by the Notre Dame star.

As you’d imagine, NMA didn’t exactly paint a flattering portrait of Mr. Te’o, who’s mostly shown pouring tears out of his eyes like so much Gatorade from a sideline cooler.

On the other hand, it’s not as biting as the recent rash of #Te’oing.

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