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3D Printers Make the Impossible Possible: Your Very Own Head on a PEZ Dispenser

(Photo: DVice)

(Photo: DVice)

PEZ dispensers are one of those nostalgia-ridden cultural symbols that recall a simpler time when life was about sugary candy and Pokemon cards and all those other things co-opted by BuzzFeed’s Rewind vertical. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of having your very own PEZ dispenser, complete with your head affixed gloriously atop that world-changing candy delivery system?

With the help of 3D printing, your childhood dream can now be realized: introducing the personalized PEZ dispenser, complete with a plastic bust of your head adorning the top.

“3D printing is disrupting the medical and manufacturing industries, but what about CANDY?” wondered some lovable geniuses. And BAM. Dreams do come true.

Hot Pop Factory uses an Xbox Kinect to scan your head, and then uses a 3D printer to churn out the final product. Start making these babies in color and you’ll be RICH.

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