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25 Other Lists Featuring Perennial List-Maker David Karp

He's young. He's an entrepreneur. He's on a list.

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Congratulations, David Karp! The Tumblr founder will grace the cover of the January 21 issue of Forbes, headlining the magazine’s “30 Under 30″ issue, in which pages he reveals his “Jason Bourne or James Bond fantasy” and holds forth on his minimalist proclivities.

It’s a fine honor for the Williamsburg loft-owner, but the occasion left Betabeat with a feeling of déjà vu. Hadn’t we seen his name in a litany or two before?

That’s no ill reflection on Mr. Karp: It’s not his fault he launched Tumblr at 21. But we worry about how publications will write about him once he ages out of the category.

In the meantime, in honor of Mr. Karp’s 26 years on earth, 26 lists in which he’s appeared:

1. 30 Under 30 (2012): “‘I don’t have any books. I don’t have many clothes,’ Karp shrugs. ‘I’m always so surprised when people fill their homes up with stuff.'” [Forbes]

2. 40 Under 40: “When he was 11, the Manhattan native read HTML for Dummies.” [Crain’s New York Business]

3. The New Establishment: “Ride: A World War II–era reproduction Ural motorcycle, complete with an olive-green sidecar for Karp’s longtime girlfriend, Rachel Eakley, and the couple’s French-English bulldog, Clark.” [Vanity Fair]

4. Innovator’s Under 35: “‘I can always move back in with my parents,’ [Karp] says.” [MIT Technology Review]

5. The Time 100 Poll (2012): “The tech world is full of college dropouts, but serial risk taker Karp ended his formal education at 15 and took a job as CTO of Urban Baby before he was even allowed to vote.” [Time]

6. Digital Power Index: “He dropped out of high school after the ninth grade, lived in Tokyo while working as the CTO of parenting site UrbanBaby, and founded the über-popular blogging site Tumblr when he was just 20.” [Daily Beast]

7. 5 Inspirational Young Internet Entrepreneurs: “The then 21-year-old Karp founded Tumblr in 2007 out of his bedroom in his mother’s apartment in New York City.” [Jakarta Globe]

8. The World’s Five Youngest CEOs: “Tumblr’s David Karp brings up the rear of our list at 25 years old, barely edging out  Globals Incs.’s Suhas Gopinath, who took the top spot last year.” [Business Pundit]

9. The 25 Richest Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30: “New York City’s brightest high school dropout flipped his earnings from working as a software consultant at UrbanBaby to fund his microblogging empire, which accounts for over 64.7 million blogs and 27.5 billion total posts.” [Complex]

10. The Time 100 Poll (2011): “At just 20, Karp created the trendy blogging platform after finding other services less than desirable.” [Time]

11. 30 Founders Under 30 Who Are Shaking Up Industries: “David started Tumblr in 2007 with his own savings from previously held jobs in the software industry.” [Business Insider]

12. 30 Under 30, Social/Mobile (2011): “He created Tumblr, currently the most popular blogging platform on the Internet.” [Forbes]

13. 30 and Under: 9 Young Founders Who Running Billion-Dollar Companies “David Karp founded Tumblr when he was 21. Now it’s worth nearly $1 billion.” [Business Insider]

14. The Disrupters: “‘So when we released our platform, we took it straight to the tumblelogging community and said, ‘Hey, look, we built a real tool to make all the neat stuff you guys are doing available to more people.'” [Fast Company]

15. 27 Inspiring Young Internet Entrepreneurs: “Tumblr is a free online service that lets you effortlessly share anything.” [Young Entrepreneur]

16. 8 Well Known Entrepreneurs Who Made a Million Dollars in Their First Month of Business: “In real terms though, David  Karp made millions instantly, as his net worth was in the millions as soon as Tumblr took off.” [Addicted2Success]

17. The 10 Most Eligible CEO Bachelors: “He dropped out of high school at the age of 15 and was home-schooled after that.” [Business Insider]

18. The Sexiest 50 CEOs Alive: “He considers himself ‘antischedule,’ except for board meetings, and rides to Tumblr’s Manhattan office on his Vespa.” [Business Insider]

19. Youngest Richest Internet Entrepreneurs: “David Karp brought blogging to the younger generation with Tumblr, with this very easy to set up blogging platform, that’s available for free.” [Income Diary]

20.  Best Young Entrepreneurs: “But he expects the company to generate revenue this year by customizing its platform for big media companies and by charging regular users who want extra services, such as more visibility for their pages.” [Businessweek]

21. NYC’s New Wunderkinds: “The Internet’s boy wonder.” [Page 6 Magazine]

22.  Super Rich List: 20 Entrepreneurs Without Degrees: “Young entrepreneur founded and CEO of Tumblr, which launched in early 2007.” [Work Awesome]

23. 100 Top Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded Without a College Degree: “Dropped out of school at 15, then homeschooled. Did not attend college.” [Young Entrepreneur]

24. 20 Big Name Stars Under 25 That Are Making a Name for Themselves in the New York Tech Scene: “Karp founded Tumblr, a social blogging platform that’s reportedly raising a massive round.” [Addicted2Success]

25. The 10 Most Young Richest Internet Entrepreneurs: “Tumblr is younger generation’s most widely used blogging platform and David Karp is its founder. It is a free and handy platform where you can post text, images, videos and audio and re-blog other people’s content on your blog, while providing credit.” [Top Ten Things]

26. 27 Great Web Geeks: “As the 23-year-old founder and CEO of Tumblr, David Karp has had to endure being called a ‘boy genius’ for the bulk of his legally drinking life.” [Geekosystem]

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