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The Lower East Side Finally Has Its Very Own Retro Arcade

Want some Pacdots with your pints?
(Photo: Facebook)

(Photo: Facebook)

Tired of trekking all the way to Brooklyn for your retro video game fix? Lucky for you, Two-Bits Retro Arcade–which we wrote about back in June–finally opened its doors this past weekend, and it looks just as glorious as we’d hoped.

Two-Bits, located on Essex between Stanton and Rivington, has 22 rotating games and a giant projection screen for showing movies that will still your beating nerd heart. Games include Pacman, Street Fighter, Tetris and Donkey Kong. They also have one of the rarest games in the world–Star Warrior–located in the basement office, and according to Thrillist, if you ask nicely they just might let you play it.

The bar also comes with an upscale wine list, because who doesn’t love swigging fine wine while playing a ’90s racing game?

Little-Bits seems to have the nostalgia thing down pat: They also sell Fun Dips, Ring Pops and Nerds, so we look forward to the inevitable BuzzFeed slideshow about it.

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