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Sorry, Suckers: Montreal Production Company Secures Rights to Inevitable John McAfee Biopic

Break out the popcorn.
A romance for the ages. (Photo: Robert King/Vice)

A romance for the ages. (Photo: Robert King/Vice)

When not blogging from a prison cell, antivirus software creator John McAfee is reportedly busy planning the next iteration of his media blitz: The Hollywood Reporter writes that Mr. McAfee has successfully sold his life rights to a TV production company called Impact Future Media.

Mr. McAfee has skillfully played the media these past few months, getting a Wired reporter to speak on his behalf and telling his story to Gizmodo before inviting Vice to join him in his escape from Belize. That decision ended with his capture when a Vice employee published an iPhone photo still containing the metadata that revealed his location. Mr. McAfee still managed to temporarily convince Vice‘s photographer to lie for him.

Now, Mr. McAfee’s story is one step closer to being splashed across televisions everywhere. The film will tentatively be called Running in the Background: The True Story of John McAfee, as a nod to the antivirus software that slows down your mom’s desktop.

Mr. McAfee said that he believes Impact Future Media has a “dedication to truth” that most organizations do not these days, despite the fact that the production company has only been around for a handful of weeks. Impact is also producing a show called High on Tuna, which is about a drug dealer and not, unfortunately, about a new state school trend of smoking cat food.

Vice has also said it’s developing a documentary about Mr. McAfee. We can only hope at least one film includes a dramatic tampon-up-the-nose disguise scene.

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