Dude Takes to Indiegogo in a Michael Jackson Costume To Raise Cash for CES Party

Who knew CES attendees were this committed?
screen shot 2012 12 07 at 12 52 27 pm Dude Takes to Indiegogo in a Michael Jackson Costume To Raise Cash for CES Party

Is that a beret, or a wig? (Photo: screencap)

The last time we checked, the Consumer Electronics Show, while quite the get-together, isn’t exactly known for its raging party scene.

But it seems we may have underestimated Sin City: One local man is currently attempting to raise $30,000 (via Indiegogo, natch) to rent the mansion where Michael Jackson used to live and throw an enormous rager featuring Grammy nominees. Hell, he even created a YouTube video featuring his best Michael Jackson impression to promote it. Unfortunately, it is a terrible Michael Jackson impression.

YOLO, baby.

In addition to his work as founder of the PR firm SocialRadius, Las Vegas local Michael Terpin also runs the CES Partylist, which aggregates parties during the conference. And for several years, he’s hosted a CES Partylist Party at his home in the Paradise Palms area, (which he’ll be the first to tell you appears in the classic¬†Casino). “CEOs and VIPs” turn out. ¬†Now, however, he wants to upgrade the festivities. But renting the “Thriller Villa” and booking caterers and valets and, duh, Grammy-nominated musicians don’t come cheap.

Not enough to sell you? Fine, dude busted out the Kmart-quality costume and falsetto to deliver his pitch in character:

Say what you will about Mr. Terpin: He takes the business of fun seriously.

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