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Police Warn Against Using Apple Maps After It Strands People in Middle of Nowhere Without Food or Water

(Photo: Vic Police News)

(Photo: Vic Police News)

After getting rid of Google Maps on iOS 6, Apple’s own attempt at maps was so terrible it inspired a mocking Tumblr and even an apology from CEO Tim Cook. Now, it seems, the police are getting involved.

According to a release published to the Victoria Police Department website, several people have gotten stranded in the middle of a national park without food or water after attempting to follow Apple Maps’ directions to Mildura, a regional city in Australia. The city is actually located almost 45 miles away from where Apple Maps lists it.

The park reportedly has no water supply and can reach temperatures up to 115 degrees, so it’s not exactly the spontaneous camping vacation you might imagine. Police have intercepted several people, some of whom have been stranded for over 24 hours, wandering the park aimlessly trying to get a signal.

The Victoria police have told anyone traveling to the area to just give in and get an Android phone.

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