MySpace Tom Unleashes Sick Burn on Unsuspecting Twitter Follower

MySpace Tom has more money than you, pal.
lol ur poor (Photo: Twitter)

lol ur poor (Photo: Twitter)

Tom Anderson, a.k.a. “MySpace Tom,” is an American Internet icon responsible for creating what was once the world’s most influential social network before it devolved into pages upon pages of sparkly animated GIFs and tExT tHaT LoOkS lIkE tHiS. That picture of him mugging in a white tee before a white board is seared into our collective subconscious, perhaps representative of a time and a place when MySpace didn’t need Justin Timberlake to sell the concept.

Though he sold MySpace to News Corps. in 2005, Mr. Anderson is still the poster child for the early aughts’ favorite Internet timesuck. And ya know what? He’s pretty damn sick of people ripping on his claim to fame.

When Mr. Anderson tweeted about Instagram’s new terms of service, a snarky Twitter follower tried to one-up him, but Mr. Anderson would have none of that:

(Photo: Imgur)

(Photo: Imgur)

Burn! The working class, amiright?

Mr. Anderson added that the offending Twitter user has subsequently deleted his account. “Does that mean I win?” he quipped.

Oh, and for the record, don’t expect Mr. Anderson to swap out that iconic white board selfie any time soon. “If I used a new pic it would break the Internet,” he tweeted. “my pic has been viewed more than than the mona lisa bitch.” Can we get a half-day off from this guy?

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