My Dad’s a Tech Billionaire and All I Got Were the Rights to the Lousy Terminator Franchise

The Ellison kids inch closer to a Terminator reboot.
Megan Ellison (Photo: IMDB)

Megan Ellison (Photo: IMDB)

What’d you get for the holidays? Maybe some nice new video games? Perhaps your parents heard you talking about “personal betterment via technology” and got you a Nike Fuel Band?

Whatever you received, it was certainly not as good as what Oracle founder Larry Ellison gifted his children last year: daughter Megan Ellison used some of his money to win a bidding war for the rights to the Terminator franchise, with agreements from Justin Lin to direct and Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in it.

How’s that iPhone 5 looking now, huh? (Sorry, mom and dad.)

Now, Business Insider reports that the Ellison spawn may be prepping to finally do something with the rights. Megan has tapped her brother David Ellison to serve as a coproducer on the film, inching ever closer towards a Terminator reboot.

We wonder if this is all just a cover up to diminish the negative attention heaped on Mr. Ellison after his sailing team got caught in that cheating scandal.

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