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Jack Dorsey Celebrates the Holidays with a Massage by a Model in St. Bart’s

Newest Internet It couple?


When not humblebragging about the fact that he–a millionaire–still takes the bus to work, Square cofounder Jack Dorsey enjoys the holidays the only way a nouveau tech founder truly can: by frolicking around with a model on a yacht in St. Bart’s.

British model Lily Cole, known for her shock of auburn hair and alien-like visage, was snapped by the Daily Mail massaging Mr. Dorsey. Or perhaps she was showing the rather pale founder how to properly apply suntan lotion? Last techies heard from Ms. Cole, she was an aspiring founder, launching her own social network called Impossible geared towards enabling people to help each other.

The Daily Mail deemed the guy in the photo a “mystery man,” but as Kernel points out, that mystery man looks just like Mr. Dorsey, and even has the same tattoo. Kernel reports the duo are spending their holidays in St. Bart’s together.

In the grainy photo, Ms. Cole is seen placing her hands on Mr. Dorsey’s shoulders, perhaps in an attempt to siphon his tech and design skills. “His weird denim obsession will be mine!” she was reportedly heard muttering while maniacally rubbing her hands together like a witch from a Disney movie.

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